Our Little Love Story

I never felt worthy of love. 

I didn't feel loved. 

Neither did Samuel. 

Love was something we both had to learn to accept. 

July 18, 2013 I decided I wanted nothing more than to be with God. And so I overdosed on Advil that night.

I survived. 

December 15, 2013 Samuel decided earth was not for him anymore. 

But he couldn't get the courage to leave. 

December 24, 2014 we started falling in love. 

Our love story started here. 

Growing up my dad always encouraged me to wait for the man God had for me. I made up my mind I would wait and be faithful to God. I made list of what I wanted in a guy and prayed for him every day. 

Samuel and I met when I was 14. My family had just started going to his church. As I got to know him and his family, I started to realize that he met everything on my list.But I ignored it. I started dating other guys and I got very hurt. I was frustrated with God, myself, and I felt I let my dad down. But I continued to pray for the man God had for me. 

Samuel and I had been friends for so long, I got to watch him do life. He was always seeking out to glorify the Lord and loved people like I had never seen before. But I was scared. Not of Sam, but if his family. 

The way his parents expected their kids to go about dating honestly freaked me out. So I closed that door with Sam. 

But in December 24, 2014 God opened that door back up. I fell in love with him when God was ready for me to. God knew what was best for me, and Samuel went about our relationship in a way that was best for us. 

I love love. 

I love marriage. 

I loved our story. 

We dated for 7 months, engaged for 6 months, and we have been married for 9 months.

It's funny when I have conversations with people, they always act shocked that I'm married so young, but also at the fact that we didn't date that long at all. It's understandable I was 20 and Samuel was 22 when we got married. Sometimes when God says "yes", but the world says "no" prove the world wrong. God has a plan and his timing his perfect. 

I survived my suicide attempt, because He had bigger and greater things for my life I couldn't see. 

Samuel didn't have peace for committing suicide, because God had bigger and greater things for his life he couldn't see at the time. 

Here we both are today. Standing hand in hand living out Gods promise for our lives. God knew what was best. 

And looking back at my life I'm thankful God closed the doors and opened the doors that he did. I'm thankful he kept Samuel and I here to live out his promises. And I'm thankful I get to love my best friend for the rest of my life. 

One major thing I learned this far in my life is that NO MATTER WHAT you are worthy of love. God loves you unconditionally. 

Live loved and give love. 

You never know what door will open. 



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