Cruising Into Christmas

Wow guys. Its been a few weeks since we got back from vacation, and I miss the tropical weather as I sit here inside freezing
while the state of Georgia shuts down due to snow. haha oh the south!!

Since I'll be stuck inside for a day or two I figured I would sit down and put our family vacation into words. 

Samuel and I spent the night at my parents the Friday night, so we could all drive to the airport together in the morning. It was one giant sleepover for all the dogs (2 older dogs and 2 puppies makes for quite the sleepover haha) and it was a fun for all of us to be under one roof again. 

At 5 am... We all got up and hit the road to make our 8:30 flight! 

Overall pockets are great for storing just about everything on hand, even your passport! 

After a 2 hour flight we made it to Miami, FL and made our way to the ship. The Celebrity Reflection was about to become our home away from home for the next week. 

The whole family met up on the boat around dinner time and watched as we set sail to sea.

Day one: A day at sea

Lydia couldn't wait to get to the pool so right after breakfast we hit the pool and then set out to explored the boat top to bottom with our cousins. There were 15 floors guys!!

They had GIANT lawn chairs on the top deck!

Day Two: Cancun, Mexico.

Lydia loved finding shells with Grandma. 

"My Sam take me deep!" 

Lydia loves her Sam, and got his endless attention all week long she absolutely loved it. How cute are they? It makes my heart melt watching these two!!!

Jack, Samuel, and my cousin Jared decided to take a sail boat out and invited me to go along... we walked over to the rental place and they said you had to have sailing experience to take a sail boat. So the boys said they had sailed at which that point I backed out knowing none of them had sailed before and there was no way I was going out in the middle of the ocean with them, but they did make it back and had the time of their lives doing so.

The beach we went to in Mexico had a inflatable water park on one side of the beach, so we all made our way over there for our own version of Wipe out.

Day Three: Grand Cayman Island.

Samuel and I did our own thing on Grand Cayman to celebrate his birthday a few days early. One thing we had been wanting to do together since we started dating was to go see baby sea turtles, so we did just that. 

There is a turtle encounter on Grand Cayman, where they walk you through how they are saving the sea turtles and the different stages of life they go through before they get to go back to the ocean. 

We got to swim with the turtles that were about ready to go back into the wild. Samuel shot more video while we swam with them then pictures, but I found this cute little photo one of the turtles.

Next we went to... HELL. 

Hell is a a large group of black limestone formed above ground. Our tour guide said it got its name from locals saying "this must be what hell looks like". 

Day Four: Falmouth, Jamaica 

In Jamaica, the whole family took a tour of the island together.

It wasn't always safe for us to get off the bus in Jamaica so it was hard to take pictures, but the country itself is stunning.

The bus stopped at St. Ann's Catholic Church and we got to get out to tour the inside this beautiful church.

We also stopped to enjoy this stunning view of Jamaica. 

After along bus ride, we finally made it to the beach.

Sometimes the ocean creates a hole in the ground and you fall in... and your husband saves you...

Then your husband falls in that same hole... so you laugh...

and then the ocean hits both of you with a giant wave...

Day Five: Labadee, Haiti 

After hanging out on the beach all day, it was time to get dolled up for fancy night on the boat. We also celebrated Grandmas 70th birthday this night!

Best hubby award goes to... Samuel for asking our room steward, Tres, to make towel animals for Lydia and I. Lydia carried her towel elephants head around the boat that night, and gave the bunny lots of kisses.

Day Six: A day at sea

On our last day on the boat the whole family hung out by the pool together all day, and participated in a pool volley ball game against some of the workers on the ship. 

Have you ever heard of a silent disco??

No? Well a silent disco is exactly how it sounds. When you walk in they hand you a pair of headphone with three different music stations (40's-50's, 70's-80's, 90's-Now). Everyone gets to control their volume and chose their station. 

We went to three silent discos on the ship and loved every single one of them! On the last day they had one by the pool for families. Even grandma hit the dance floor with us!

That night we celebrated Samuel's birthday at dinner, and it just so happened to be our waiter, Noel, birthday as well. So we got them both a cake and sang to them. 

We really got to know our waiters really well and loved that they were on the ship to give their families back home a better life. 

We love you Louis and Noel!!

Day Seven: Miami

Samuel and I woke up super early Saturday morning to watch us dock and to watch the sunrise before heading back to land. 

We got home just in time to pick lil pip up to celebrate Samuel's birthday as a family and Christmas the next day. This trip filled with family, fun and tons of memories we will all remember for a life time. 

Happy 70th Birthday Grandma!!

We love you<3



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