Cabin Fever

Our Florida baby got to experience snow for the first time this past weekend. Its not very often Georgia gets snow, and when we do it is nothing compared to the
amount I experienced growing up in Connecticut. But we got just enough to be stuck inside for the weekend.

Pippin usually isn't very fond of the cold, but he LOVED the snow!! 

We ventured out of the house early Saturday morning and went on a 2 hour walk around our apartment complex. Sam found a few logs and made a little obstacle course for him and pip to jump through. 

Cabin fever is a very real thing, and after 24 hours of being stuck in our neighborhood we ventured out and met my parents for dinner at Cheeseburger Bobby's. 

The rest of our weekend was full of intense games of scrabble, catching up on "This is Us", and lots and lots of coffee.

It was one of those low-key weekends full of memories we will hold on to forever.


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