First let me tell you, I took a million pictures on this trip!! (WARNING: most of the pictures are of lil pip and Lydia)

Every summer growing up my family and I would road trip up to my great grandparents house on Lake Wallenpaupack and spend a week there celebrating my great grammy's birthday. This year Sam and I had a few days off for the Forth of July, so my family all hit the road for the 13+ hour car ride. 

Sam and I flew to Royersford, PA for a weekend to see my great grammy and take wedding photos with her since she was unable to come down for the wedding a few weeks before we road tripped back up so I included those pictures here:

I had the best visit with her since she had her first stroke several years ago. I'm so glad we were able to take wedding photos with her. It was such a special moment for us.

For those of you who don't know, my uncle owns Nelson's Ice cream. So our next stop was the ice cream store... YUM!! 

If you ever get the chance to go to Royersford, PA you have to stop by the Nelson's Ice cream store. I promise you won't regret it!

Now back to the road trip: 

After 15 hours (traveling with a puppy is almost as hard as traveling with a baby) we finally made it!! 

Pippin was instantly in love... with all the sticks haha! He was always carrying a stick around.

We planned on warming pip up to the lake slowly, but while he was playing chase with the other dogs he ran into the lake and freaked out. haha. So after that he was pretty offended with the lake. Maybe he will get over it by next year! He did love hanging out on the dock despite his dislike of the water. 

Lydia on the other hand LOVED the lake! She couldn't get enough.

How pretty is my mama???

While the boys were kayaking around the cove, Sam decided to take pip along with him. Pip loved his first boat ride with daddy.

Pip was so cute playing with lydia and our cousin addy. 

One of my favorite things to do growing up was to roast hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire by the lake. While the adults cooked the hotdogs, the little girls ran around playing with the pups and making funny faces. Lydia got to have her first s'more after dinner.

Lydia and I are 18 years apart, but thankfully wearing matching overalls with your sister is still in style!

Sam was sweet and wrote our names on the rocks by the fire pit...

...So my brother decided to add his name at the bottom!

Lydia kissed her first fish!!

Growing up my great grammy used to go sit on the bench near the water and watch the sunset. Most days I would join her. Even though she was not able to be there to watch it with me this year, I got to share that moment with Sam. 

After the sunset, we went back up to the house to celebrate the forth of July with sparklers.

The next day my uncle took us out on the boat to go tubing. 

After tubing, we all hung out on the lake for the rest of the afternoon. The boys took the kayaks and paddle boat down the cove and my dad and I shortly joined them.

Our final day at the lake we spent relaxing and eating up as much ice cream we could.  Lil pip actually loved cuddling in the eno, so we ended up taking a little nap together before the little girls woke us up to join. 

After a late night of playing rummikub and eating all the ice cream we could, I decided to play a little prank on Sam... He went outside with pip one last time before bed right as Jack and I found stick on mustaches. So we of course stuck them on and I ran outside behind Sam and kissed him. I thought making him kiss me with a mustache was funnier than he did, but the whole family got a good laugh out of it!!

After a few days at the lake, pip passed out our last night there. 

We had an absolute blast and can not wait to go back next year!!

Kayla Ann

Swimsuits: Kortni Jeane


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