Wedding Day: Part 1

Our wedding day was 100%, without a doubt, the best day of my life. Everyone told me how much our wedding day would fly by and it would all be a blur, but it wasn't that way for me at all. And I'm SO very thankful for that!
I remember everything that happened that day... from beginning to end and the best part is Sam and I enjoyed every minute of it together.

My bridesmaids and I stayed in our apartment and my mom and little sister came over first thing in the morning. I remember waking up sitting on the counter drinking tea talking to my mom and girls with so much peace, I knew in that moment God was with us that day. We had so much fun getting ready, laughing at my little sister, and getting some girl time before we took on the wedding day.

Before we jumped in the car to head to the venue for pictures, my dad and two brothers came to see me in my dress. The look on my dads face is something i'll never forget. It was such a special moment with all three of them. 

We finally got to the venue and I was in shock of how great everything was looking. It was so exciting to see everything I had been planning for 8 months actually coming to life. Before we did any picture taking we all walked around in awe of how pretty everything was. 

After I took pictures with my bridesmaids, it was time for the first look. Sam and I decided to see each other before the wedding. It allowed us to be more at ease before and during the wedding and we got to spend more time together... along with some private time as well. 

I am really glad we decided to do the first look. It allowed us to have a special moment together  and enjoy our day without all eyes on us. We spent about 20 minutes on a trail in the woods together taking pictures before we headed back to the wedding spot for lunch with both our parties. 

By now it was about 2:30 and it was time for the guys to go stand outside and wait for guests to arrive. This is when I got to spend time with my little flower girls. And before I knew it, it was wedding time!

Be ready... Part 2 will be coming soon :)

Wedding Venue: Red Top Mountain State Park

My wedding Dress: Wtoo

My wedding shoes: Bed Stu

Photographer: Bella Bigos

Getting ready robes: Plum Pretty Sugar


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