Honeymoon... And Alittle Bit More

Sorry I have been alittle M.I.A. on here. Since Sam and I got married life has been busy busy...
and I haven't found the time to sit down and write. There are a few things that have gotten in my way:

1. I don't feel like I had much to say unless it was about the wedding. Thats all I spoke of for so long and now thats its over I have struggled to find the words to say.

2. I know so many people are excited to leave home and start their own lives away from where they grew up, but living away from my family has been very hard for me. Yes, they are only 30 minutes away which your probably like "really kayla????" BUT I'm a such a family family person and life without them everyday was scary. Don't get me wrong I love life married to Sam. But there is nothing like that feeling of going home. The definition of home has changed for me, now I have two, with two loving families inside. Life is always changing, but home is always there.

With all that out...

I am sooo excited to write this post because this is my first post as an actual wife! YAY!! My blog name actually makes sense now.

So lets get started...

The next day after our wedding, Sam and I headed down to Orlando, Fl to go to Disney World. We were very excited to have a fun trip after all the wedding planning and stresses ha!

Tip: if you ever think you want to plan the wedding yourself... take a tip from me GET A WEDDING PLANNER. There is a reason for their job take advantage of it! We wish we would have hired one to take some of the stress off me during the wedding planning. 

First things first... we had to have breakfast in Cinderella's Castle with all the princesses in Magic Kingdom. Well more like I had to, but Sam ended up having fun to.

Rafki was so much fun to meet. 

Next we made our way to Epcot. While we were there the flower and garden festival was in bloom. The flowers were gorgeous. Its amazing how they sculptured the plants into Disney's favorite characters. Absolutely stunning! 

How adorable is bamax? 

These are a few more pictures from Epcot.

Magic Kingdom was our favorite, so we made sure we spent two days there.

Mickey couldn't help himself, but to play a card trick with us. 

Meeting Rapunzel was my favorite part of the trip. If you know me, you know Rapunzel is my favorite princess and I know her entire movie by heart ha! She was so thrilled to find out that I walked down the aisle to "I See The Light".

  We finished off our last day in the Magic Kingdom, with thunder river and the Wishes show.

On our last day in Disney, we went to Animal Kingdom and Down Town Disney.

We of course had to wear matching Disney t-shirts on our last day!

Here are a couple pictures from the safari... It was so neat to see these animals up close.

For dinner we went to Jiko. The food was so amazing, and the story behind everything in the restaurant was very neat to hear about.

Shopping in Downtown Disney was a lot of fun too. Sam loved the lego store and his new pals Woody and Buzz. 


I loved the rainforest cafe... YUM!

Being married has been our favorite adventure yet! And we can not wait for what the future holds. 



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