Bridal Shower

February 27th, I learned that bridal showers are lots of fun.

This was my very first wedding shower, and I was super excited about it.

I had been to several showers in my life, but never was the one being showered, so i wasn't sure what to expect. I can tell you it was more than I expected!

The hostesses did an amazing job decorating and putting it all together. 

How pretty are these flowers?

My bridesmaid Livi stepped in to record all the gift givers and gifts. She did a good job being my assistant that day. 

 My maid of honor came up with a with a super cute bingo game for all the guests to play while I opened gifts. Sam's older sister Sarah won the game and left the shower with some delish chocolates!

The food was so good!! My maid of honor is an amazing chef.. Macaroons.. yumm!

My sweet flower girls were in heaven with all the gifts, cookies, and balloons. They did such a good job helping me open all the gifts.


 and how cute is my little sister y'all? 

being engaged has been so fun, but the shower made everything seem so real. I'm so used to all the wedding talk and planning, but this really made me think how close we are to getting married. Its happening so soon and that makes me VERY excited. I laid in bed that night and finally let everything sink in. I thought about all my family that flew and drove hours to be there and all the friends that came to celebrate with me. I felt so loved by everyone. My bridesmaids and mother did such an amazing job, I couldn't be more thankful for them.



  1. Wow! This bridal shower was just stunning. I appreciate your mom and sister for hosting such a fun party. Could you please share some more photographs? I am looking for some bridal shower ideas for my sister. She has booked one of wedding venues Los Angeles and want her bridal shower to be at par with wedding standards.

    1. I do not have that many more photographs since most didn't come out great, but I added one more I found of the decor. Thanks so much for your comment. :)