You"re Enough

You hear people say your not good enough for this and that, but whoever gave humans the right to judge if we are enough? 

What if you believed you are enough? What if you saw what God saw? 

Because God says...
- You are brave. ( Habakkuk 3:19 ) 
- You are beautiful. ( 1 Peter 3:3-4 ) 
- You are strong. ( Philippians 4:12 ) 
- You are worth it. ( Proverbs 31:10 ) 
- You are loved. ( Romans 5:8 ) 

I didn't always believe what God thought of me.

I let the world tell me who I was and create my identity. 

It wasn't until I believed what God thought of me that the world had no say in who I was. 

Our identity is found in God. 

He created us in his very own image. 

Before you let the world tell you who you are today, let God. 

Seek God, because you are enough. 



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