Let's go to the beach

My family decided they wanted to go on vacation, and chose to go to Hilton Head Beach. We were all so excited to take my little sister to the beach for the very first time.

 We had so much fun jumping in the waves together.

 She loved the ocean so much.

 Nothing like a little dancing on the beach.

 Chasing seagulls has no age limit. 

My little sister loves Mickey Mouse so of course we had to draw him in the sand... everywhere. 

 It was also my brothers birthday weekend. Happy 18th birthday Jack!!!

I found a gator outside our condo (secret.. I love alligators)

Next we took a day trip to Savannah, Ga. I had been dying to go to Savannah for awhile, so getting to go walk around the city was a blast. These pictures don't do it justice, but hopefully you can see how pretty it was rain and all. 

I tried to capture the trip as best I could, but I don't even know if the pictures do it justice. We had such a blast together relaxing, enjoying the beach and made the best of our time there. 

Can't wait for 2016 Dufour Family Vacation.


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